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Logo Links To Your Web Site

We place your logo on one of our pages with a link to your web site. You gain the advantage of attracting the type of people that visit our web site.

Monthly Rate
Cost = $500 or more with a 3 month minimum and a $500 setup fee. The cost is also dependent on the insertion web page chosen and the size and complexity of the design.
6 Months
Cost = 6 times monthly rate less 10% discount if paid in advance.
1 Year
Cost = 12 times monthly rate less 15% discount if paid in advance.
Payments are to be made in advance. Service will automatically discontinue upon non-receipt of payment.
Advertising Rate Changes
These advertising rates are subject to change at any time. However, those who have paid for periods of 3 months or more will not have their rates changed during the period for which they have paid.
Advertising Restrictions
We reserve the right to refuse any advertising. We may also may refuse large graphics files that would significantly slow the download of our pages on users computers.

You Provide Us With

Your Company Logo
Supply us with web site ready file.
Billing Information
Contact Person, Address, Phone & FAX Numbers, E-mail Address.
Advertising Period
That is, the length of advertising service you desire.
In the amount relative to the period of service.