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Web Design Consulting

Mr. Raper had an over 20 year career with Rockwell International as a Senior Development Engineer prior to starting his own business in 1976. He has 5 patents from his work in electronic circuit development related to computers and telecommunications. He has developed electronic circuits for all kinds of government and commercial products including missile and satellite sytems. This involved a great deal of technical writing of operations manuals, test specifications, etc. Mr. Raper also had a US Government secret security clearance while working for Rockwell.

Raper Enterprises, Inc. can help you with your Internet or Intranet web page development -- develop and/or maintain Internet web pages or convert your internal documentation to Intranet web pages for use internally throughout your company.

Simple Pages

A very simple home page design is the one you see here. It downloads to the visitors location very quickly. It uses only text with no graphics, tables or frames, but it does use one Java applet. Visitors can view this type page with most of the currently available browsers. You can even add some graphics. Visitors with text only browsers will still be able to read your page, but will not be able to see the graphics.

Pages Using Graphics & Tables

Many of the web browsers in current use support text and graphics and some even support tables, but only the new breed of browser support frames.

Pages Using Java Applets

Java applets allow you to do many differenty types of things. The banner running now on the bottom of your browser screen is one example of the usage of a Java applet. If you don't see a banner line running from right to left on the bottom of your browser screen or you can not see the Banner in the following Example, then you do not have a Java enabled browser.


Pages Using Animated Graphics & Sounds

Rather than using large slow downloading graphics, you can get an equally impressive effect by using an animated graphic that has a quick download time and may also include a sound file that if it doesn't download quickly enough, it will never be missed.

Select Your Graphics

You can have your graphics custom designed or you can choose from a wide variety of Internet Graphics that are already available on the web.

Page Design Considerations

Making this decision will depend on your desired type of visitor. If you are trying to attract College & University students then you will probably want to use "simple home page design." If your type of visitor comes from one of the online services like AOL, Prodigy, etc. then you may want to test the current capability of their browsers. Some of the current browsers in use may handle tables, but not frames and may not handle amimated graphics.

If you decide to go with a complex web site design, will your desired visitor have the patience to wait for it to download or will they just go somewhere else. Do you think your desired visitors have modern computing equipment with 56K or better modems or do they have older equipment with 28K modems. Unless you have at least a 56K modem, you would have to have extreme patience to wait for the download of some of todays complex web pages.

Some web page designers are so concerned with providing massive fancy slow downloading graphics that they run off visitors from their web sites. People may come once to a slow download web site, but they will probably not return unless they absolutely have to. I know I won't - it is very irritating.

People on the Internet are looking for valuable information. No one cares about fancy graphics on a web site. They are there for information, not to be entertained - or bored with slow file downloads. If it is necessary to include large graphics then it might be a good idea to include small versions of the graphics that can be clicked on to take the visitor to the larger size if they want it.

You may win a "Top Web Whatever Award" for a very slow fancy web site, but you won't get many return visitors. The people who give these "web site awards" only have to visit a site once to review it. It is obvious they don't give a hoot as to the download time. They are probably connected directly to a T1 line and don't have to wait for slow downloads like the peasants with 28.8K or slower modems.

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